Policymaker FAQ

What is the Policymaker?

The Policymaker lets you create a privacy policy for your mobile app or site using a 10-minute wizard. It covers key mobile privacy terms and looks great on just about any smartphone. Policymaker also gives you tips on best privacy practices, and keeps you up to date when disclosure requirements change.

What is PrivacyChoice?

PrivacyChoice was founded in 2009 to make privacy easier for people who use or publish websites and apps. More than a million people have trusted us with their privacy choices, and our work has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time.com, Huffington Post, MacLife and Network World. Read our Company FAQ.

PrivacyChoice is located in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, minutes from Silicon Valley. We are a proud member of the NextSpace community, a center of entrepreneurship, collaboration and innovation.

How should I integrate my hosted policy into my mobile app or site?

Put your privacy statement where your users can easily find it. Here are places to consider:

Should I have my lawyer review my privacy statement?

Yes, it’s a very good idea to confer with your attorney to understand the legal effect of your privacy statement, and to tailor your statement to your specific data collection, use and sharing practices. You can provide your counsel with direct access to edit your policy, which should save them time and save you money.

Is the Policymaker form suitable for all countries and jurisdictions?

No, currently the Policymaker only supports users in the United States. Until we support additional jurisdictions, you should consult with counsel to modify your privacy statement to meet local requirements. We will notify you as our coverage expands.

Can I integrate my privacy statement in my application so that the mobile web browser is not required?

Yes, on your Account page we will soon allow you to download the code (contact us if you want early access to this feature) . Note that if your privacy statement lists third-party advertising or analytics companies, you will need to update the code any time your list of third-party companies changes.

Can I code my own web page with the text generated by Policymaker?

Yes, we have an API so you can include the text of your privacy statement in an interface that you create and host yourself. Changes that you make on the Policymaker site will automatically appear in your own version. Contact us for access to the API.

Can I use the same policy for multiple applications or mobile sites?

Yes, there’s no limit on the number of apps or websites that can link to your privacy statement. However, your should create separate policies if you collect or use data differently in different apps or websites.

Is my privacy statement a binding contract?

In many jurisdictions your failure to meet the terms of your privacy statement may result in legal liability. This makes it even more important to make sure that your privacy statement accurately describes how you collect, use, protect and share user information.

My app or website doesn’t collect or use any personal user data; do I still need a privacy statement?

Whatever user data you may collect or use, it’s a good idea to inform users of your practices. Also if you use any third parties for advertising, analytics or other purposes, your policy should provide disclosure of those companies and their practices.

Should I choose privacy statement terms that allow flexibility in how I handle data, even if it isn’t accurate?

Your privacy statement should be an accurate description of how you handle user information.

Can you provide other privacy resources for mobile app and site publishers?

Yes, check out the list in our resource center.

Can you answer a question not listed here?

Yes, we encourage your to contact us with any questions. We want you to be completely satisfied.